So at the rate I am going I will be finished my first draft by Feb 7th 2017. I don’t say this to boast, but to share that if I keep doing what I am doing I will write my first 80K word memoir (draft) comfortably and without stressing about finding time to write. How has this happened? I have formed a daily HABIT – I call it my “five Ps” – Pee, Pill, Plank, Personal hygiene and Pages. I get up, go for a pee, take my thyroxine pill, do my plank, have a shower and write my pages. 

The 750 words site that I told you about (I discovered it via Marie Forleo) has been a game changer for me. I don’t even understand why this writing “app” should have made the difference. It’s not very sophisticated and there is no way of organising your work other than by exporting it.

But I don’t need to understand it — it works, that’s all I need to know!

My 750 words takes me 20 minutes, but I usually do more. If I don’t know what to write about that day I start writing anything at all and very soon find myself on-topic with a memoir-worthy memory.  Also, it has raised “feelings”, initiated intense self-reflection and uncovered some potential story direction that I hadn’t considered and didn’t expect. Bonus.

If you’re still struggling to find a way to make space and time for your writing, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help you out.

xx Seona ❤︎



“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

Mark Twain; Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World

Love or Hate …

This week’s TINS video (TINS 5: see below) touches on the topic of how we manage our interactions with others, especially online. This blog is not the place for political discussion, but the current American election process is, sadly, the best example of bad human behaviour that I have seen for some time.

We are all functioning from the perspective of fear to a greater or lesser extent; fear is a healthy reaction to perceived danger. It’s our heritage from times in a very distant past.

Our frontal lobe is now new and improved compared to these distant times. When it come to how we react to something strange, different, offensive or “NEW” as Mr Crood (The Croods) would bemoan, We Have A Choice Of Reactions!

Next time you have an opportunity to make a choice about how you react (and that occurs every second of every day) think about your options: Who do you want to be … truly??

xx Seona ❤︎

Weight Loss Tip

Use a 50/50 mix of cayenne and turmeric on a lunch-time salad every day for two months (a generous pinch will do it) along with increasing your water consumption and a daily vigorous walk. I lost 10KG in eight weeks this way; menopausal weight I thought I’d never lose ❤︎


Irritation & Carl Jung

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” said Carl Jung.

I really need to do more work on this one … is it possible to feel irritated and be at peace with the feeling maybe? To quietly examine and allow the irritation as an opportunity for learning, (a mirror) and stop beating oneself up about not being an angel. ❤️

Note to self; resume daily meditation. (Missed a few days)

Caring for your Sunburn: 9 quick tips

First visit of the season to the lagoon in town today and I very stupidly stayed too long in the sun, resulting in sunburn (see video!). Here are some tips for dealing with sunburn after the event …

  • Use Aloe in its natural form if possible and as soon as possible after the burn occurs
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Take a cool shower and avoid using soap on the burned areas
  • Don’t burst any blisters that form  – they act as a sterile protector for the damaged skin underneath
  • Avoid tight clothing – wear comfortable cotton and keep it loose
  • Some resources advise taking ibuprofen if you need to take a pain killer
  • Seek medical advice if you have dizziness, nausea, chills or fever
  • Stay in the shade
  • Plan to be better prepared the next time so that it doesn’t happen again!