You have no future

Navigate the Now

Here’s me feeling proud of myself as I finish this morning’s run—two minutes before my personal best time!! I had been aiming to come in at around my previous best time of 34 minutes, but finished instead at 32:17!! Big surprise to me when I checked the timer! Is there anyone else out there who, like […]

Is your story my next blog post?

Your story might help another woman to break the fear barrier

Have you started or done something remarkable since turning 50? If so I want to hear from you. When I say remarkable I don’t mean anything ginormous like going to the moon or sailing round the world. I mean ordinary remarkable. Remarkable for you. Something that took great personal courage, that you never thought you […]

Fear tells us what we have to do … the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.


Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

I’m Back!!!

Yes, I have internet at home ... finally

The move from Mackay to the Sunshine Coast (both in Queensland) was not something I planned. And though I thought that I could make the transition smoothly, it has had more of an impact than I hoped on the work that I am doing with you all, and on my productivity. The worst thing has been […]

I LOVE this platform.

If you want to teach online, use KAJABI. It’s AWSOME, especially the customer service 🙏🏼 They’re really cool, down to earth and  can’t do enough for you. You can even try it free for a month so you get to see what it can do. Click the pic to find out more ❤︎

How to start a Business Page on Facebook

If you want to tell your story but you don’t have time to write memoir you can work creatively with Facebook to make an appealing story-board that others will enjoy, and that you can refer to later as your “Platform” when you do have a book to publish. Publishing houses love to hear that you […]