Day 56

This is apt – day 56 happens to be the same as my age and it’s also the last day of 2017!

Thanks to the young Indian man who chatted so freely on my walk this evening over the Eleanor Schonell Bridge this evening.

There were so few folks around (must be getting ready to party) and he was concerned that his sudden presence behind me had frightened me. Thoughtful. And with a lovely open nature to boot.

Happy New Year to all when it comes, which is in about three and a half hours.

Enjoy x

Day 32

What have you always wanted in life that you think you’re too old to achieve?

Think on that a little today.

Comment below.

Day 31

Queen of my own heart. Liver of my own life.

Former target of domestic violence.

Advocate for others who still are.

10 long years of sorrow, joy, heartache, love, pain, hope, regret, illness, gratitude.

10 years ago today since we left that house of horror.

Recovery is a life-long project … or feels that way at least.

Reach out to someone who you know has been there too. ❤︎



Day 29

“Books are a uniquely portable magic” ~ Stephen King.

Switch of the damn television.

Go to bed – read a good book.

Be transported to a fantastical place.

Sleep. Live through the next day.

Repeat ❤︎


Day 28

The best way to find the gratitude in your heart is by spending time in nature, I think.

If you can’t get there, bring it to you.

Spend a little of this week’s wage on a new plant for your home.

Find a crystal/timber heart and lay it on the soil in the pot.

Love your plant. Feel the gratitude. Feel refreshed. Enjoy!


Day 27

Renewal is found in the most unexpected places.

Whatever your situation, renewal awaits for you to recognise and embrace it.

Silence the chaos in your mind.

Sleep on it, and in the early hours it will come to you in a dream.

Day 26

Reach for the sky in small ways …

Wear your favourite colour.

Play your favourite song.

Dance alone at home.

Eat your favourite food.

Love yourself at all times.