“Strong Personality” Syndrome and How to Cope

7 strategies that will help you manage the damage!

Do you sail into new friendships, groups or projects expecting only sunshine and rainbows? Or have you found yourself limping away, licking your wounds and feeling hurt, disillusioned and discarded? Launching a new project into the world can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve invested a lot of your authentic self into it. Don’t […]

What would happen if we were gentle with ourselves in our desire to be creative?

Cheryl Strayed with Marie Forleo

If you have ever beaten yourself up cos you think you’re not a real “creative” please take a look at this video. We need to be gentle with ourselves and stop feeling ashamed that we’re not living up to external expectations. Amen.

You have no future

Navigate the Now

Here’s me feeling proud of myself as I finish this morning’s run—two minutes before my personal best time!! I had been aiming to come in at around my previous best time of 34 minutes, but finished instead at 32:17!! Big surprise to me when I checked the timer! Is there anyone else out there who, like […]

Is your story my next blog post?

Your story might help another woman to break the fear barrier

Have you started or done something remarkable since turning 50? If so I want to hear from you. When I say remarkable I don’t mean anything ginormous like going to the moon or sailing round the world. I mean ordinary remarkable. Remarkable for you. Something that took great personal courage, that you never thought you […]

Fear tells us what we have to do … the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.


Steven Pressfield: The War of Art