Do you do social media? Keep your follower numbers manageable

The more followers you have the more difficult it is to maintain engagement with your audience and be of real value to them.

It’s hard to get away from the old mindset that numbers on social media equate to success on social media but it’s just not true.

The top strategists are now actively seeking “Micro-Influencers” to collaborate with – these are people whose following is small but whose engagement rate is high.

Be a micro-influencer. Keep your numbers lower and your engagement rate higher. It’s all about your audience

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  Hi, I’m Seona MacDonald. For my 55th (2016) birthday I gave myself the long overdue gift of drawing a line in the sand with respect to my personal values, standards, boundaries and expectations. Translated: I’m caring for myself before others. Radical? Maybe, but I’m hanging in there because the result is an empowering surge in self-respect, personal power, […]