500 days: A journey

Day 0

Have you ever written down what it is that you want to achieve within a certain timeframe?

You all know I’m re-building my life after traumatic things happened. But it’s not happening as I had hoped it would. And I reckon that’s my fault.

Who else’s fault could it be?


So I sat down today and made a plan.

The plan is that I will have my own home (and I mean MY OWN – not a rental or share house or any other kind of home) by the time I’m 57.

Since that’s only four months away, I decided to allow myself until the day before my 58th birthday.

When I worked out the time period between today and the day before my 58th birthday, turns out it’s 500 days.

So we have a new blog topic – 500 days.

My commitment?

I’ll post here every day for the next 500 days about my progress.

Honest, transparent stuff.

Just a blog about how I’m getting there.

Private … yet public.

It’s all yours, and it’s mine.