About Seona


Hi, I’m Seona MacDonald.

For my 55th (2016) birthday I gave myself the long overdue gift of drawing a line in the sand with respect to my personal values, standards, boundaries and expectations. Translated: I’m caring for myself before others. Radical?

Maybe, but I’m hanging in there because the result is an empowering surge in self-respect, personal power, direction and connection to self and story.

Why did I give myself this particular gift?

It was long overdue.

For many years I lived as a target of domestic violence. It ended when my two tiny step-daughters and I were forced to witness my son being beaten unconscious in our home by my then husband.

What followed was an incredible and acutely painful decent into illness, both physical and mental, that resulted in the loss of my home, my career and my self-respect.

The journey back to this planet took several years and was the most arduous time that I could ever conceive of.

On the road to recovery I became the target of a narcissistic bully – a woman “friend” and fellow law student – who sought to destroy everything that I had accomplished in my recovery.

Her need to control how others saw me led to her initiating actions in public that set me back to having to re-build what I had rebuilt.

Why? I had shown myself to be on a trajectory of strengthening self-esteem and success.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon scenario to experience once you are seen as being on the rising road in any endeavour.

Even more unfortunately, this is especially true amongst women.

What to do about it?

Keep moving forward on your own rising road. Never look back. Don’t be afraid to act on a gut feeling that someone has ulterior motives for befriending you. Remember the five person rule; you will evolve to become a reflection of the five people you spend most time with in your life. Make sure they are what you aspire to become. Cast the rope a little looser on those who aspire to reign you in, keep you down, cut off your buds before they flower.

Remember – you are beautiful, incredible, powerful.

For me, the road continues. The road is Life.

Many hurdles remain. And they’ll remain as long as you and I are alive.

I invite you to join me on the Journey – the ups and downs, the jolts and joys, in all of its gloriously messy gorgeousness. ❤︎

The purpose of this blog is to provide a platform for us to walk together on the road to reinvention, to help us to empower ourselves by understanding our own power and potential, and to remember and rejoice in who we are.

Love and Best to you x