Day 21

Does it sometimes feel as though you are facing a familiar brick wall for the umpteenth time?

This frustrates me and induces high levels of stress.

Time for time out.

For Self-care.

Do it.

Day 15

“Where there’s one there’s more” is a favourite saying of mine that this picture reminds me of.

When you find one of anything, look further and you will see more. Once your mind is open to finding what you wish to see in your life you will see it, and the seeing of it will create more of it.

Also, the blades of grass coming through the sand are emblematic of hope.

Today I drove from Mapleton to Brookwater (2 hours) to meet a business client, then back again later in the day to meet a friend, whose property in the Cooroy hinterland proved to be magical in the dusky sinking sunlight. As was the road to Mapleton when I left his place for home.

Day 12

How often do you decline an invitation because you know no one else who is going, or feel less than confident that your presence will be appreciated, or you choose “default mode” and watch your fave TV trash instead?

Today I had a magical day of twilight zone-ish ups and down, changes in direction, unexpected opportunities, unexpected friendships made and positive lessons learned about the amazing human race that I am part of.

All because I chose to be proactive and hold two business meetings (my own business), accept an unexpected offer, and attend an evening event that challenged my comfort zone.

Gratitude ❤︎



Day 8

Live Simply

This one came from the Insta feed of “Martyvids” … “It doesn’t have to be difficult for something to work. Instead, it can be simple and significant. The largest challenge can be coming to this understanding”. In other words, I took this to mean, stop over-thinking stuff (my genius talent in the world is over-thinking […]

Day 1

500 days

How did this 500 day personal challenge come about? Blame Gary Vaynerchuck for one, though he’s not the only catalyst that inspired me to launch this challenge … there have been many others who inspired me to act over the years. Ultimately though, in time, the biggest inspirer of action has to be oneself, and […]

What would happen if we were gentle with ourselves in our desire to be creative?

Cheryl Strayed with Marie Forleo

If you have ever beaten yourself up cos you think you’re not a real “creative” please take a look at this video. We need to be gentle with ourselves and stop feeling ashamed that we’re not living up to external expectations. Amen.

2016-10-02-14-50-51Be comfortable with being different. My ex-husband used “different” as an insult and I felt it as one at the time. I know better now. ❤︎ “Different” is the only way to be!