Day 31

Queen of my own heart. Liver of my own life.

Former target of domestic violence.

Advocate for others who still are.

10 long years of sorrow, joy, heartache, love, pain, hope, regret, illness, gratitude.

10 years ago today since we left that house of horror.

Recovery is a life-long project … or feels that way at least.

Reach out to someone who you know has been there too. ❤︎



Day 25

It’s never to early to learn a new skill.

More to the point (of this blog at least) …

It’s never too late.

Don’t let Ageism spoil your party.

It’s YOUR party.


Day 17

Arrived back in Charleville in the company of my father, whose death occurred 16 years ago.

I can feel him as strongly as though he were here beside me.

His message to me … You Can Do Anything …

I know, Dad.

I’m trying to get it right.

I miss you 😢

Day 16

Today I walked in two forests, got soaked in the rain and boarded a train that would take me on a 17 hour journey through city, country and clearing until I reached the desert.

The forest is where I am my deepest self – where I am connected to the core of something that I grieve to leave when I have to return to the desert. And once I am in the desert that deep connection seems lost.

Even so, I am able to exist and move forward. But I want to live through the core connection that forest enables me to experience. Not just to exist in forward motion.

Day 12

How often do you decline an invitation because you know no one else who is going, or feel less than confident that your presence will be appreciated, or you choose “default mode” and watch your fave TV trash instead?

Today I had a magical day of twilight zone-ish ups and down, changes in direction, unexpected opportunities, unexpected friendships made and positive lessons learned about the amazing human race that I am part of.

All because I chose to be proactive and hold two business meetings (my own business), accept an unexpected offer, and attend an evening event that challenged my comfort zone.

Gratitude ❤︎



Day 11

Gravity may choose to leave?

“Your attitude determines your direction” (Megan again, Instagram).

This just seems so obvious.

And yet I see today that some are starting to question this basic principle, apparently because they’re “sick of hearing about it”.

I’m sick of hearing about gravity – but gravity doesn’t care. It ain’t gonna shift just cos I want something different for a change.

Or is it?

We’ll see ….

Day 9

Criticism is a non-event

“Criticism is nothing more than an observation by another person about us, our actions, or the way we think about something, that doesn’t match the vision we have of ourselves”. ~ Richard Carlson.

Thanks again to Megan Sweetlove for this one.

It really hit a raw spot this morning as I contemplated a Facebook message that I got from a relative with respect to my current domestic situation and my desire to escape it.

She was gracious enough to say that it was NOT a criticism, but the reality that she was speaking from – the reality that I “live close to the edge” and am incapable of taking advice.

I don’t think that’s the truth – though I do live close to the edge, whether from choice or not is another story – but I will always at least contemplate what others think may be good reasoning.

One caveat – I always remember that others are more likely to attempt to bring you to their interpretation of reality and what can be achieved in life, not mine.

And the more time I spend with people who are inclined to reign me in, the sooner I am likely to leave.