Day 8

Live Simply

This one came from the Insta feed of “Martyvids” … “It doesn’t have to be difficult for something to work. Instead, it can be simple and significant. The largest challenge can be coming to this understanding”. In other words, I took this to mean, stop over-thinking stuff (my genius talent in the world is over-thinking […]

Day 4

Have you been a lizard lately?

If you’re subscribed to my blog I imagine you might be thinking, “Come on Seona – I can do with less than an update every day, if you please”. So – after today the “500 day” posts will be weekly, starting on the 7th November. Daily updates will be posted in the “snippets” section of […]

Day 2

What is it that guides us?

Yesterday I alluded to the fact that we could “make a request to our maker” and be given instructions on how to achieve what it is that we desire. What did I mean by instructions? I also called it “guidance” further on in the piece and I think that’s a better term – one that […]

And So ….

July passes into the night

Definitely a bit of a train track theme going on in my work and life at the moment. which gives pause to wonder … what does it mean? I know the answer. I’m resetting the tracks. Destination clear ahead, express route. And ain’t no fucker gonna derail me this time, mama.

Redesigning Life after 50

5 facts to keep you focussed

Are you over 50 and in the position of having to start your life over after a loss, change or adversity? Are you struggling with the concept of reinventing yourself and your life? Change through choice is one thing, but finding yourself in the position of having to change at an age when you expected […]

“Strong Personality” Syndrome and How to Cope

7 strategies that will help you manage the damage!

Do you sail into new friendships, groups or projects expecting only sunshine and rainbows? Or have you found yourself limping away, licking your wounds and feeling hurt, disillusioned and discarded? Launching a new project into the world can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve invested a lot of your authentic self into it. Don’t […]

What would happen if we were gentle with ourselves in our desire to be creative?

Cheryl Strayed with Marie Forleo

If you have ever beaten yourself up cos you think you’re not a real “creative” please take a look at this video. We need to be gentle with ourselves and stop feeling ashamed that we’re not living up to external expectations. Amen.

Fuck Ya Donald. This is me.

I said on the weekend Time in Nature video (TINS 8) that I would make an announcement this week about how the nature of my online “stuff” is changing . I’m making one small but major change; my name! Currently known mostly as “Ms 50 Plus”, I am moving to being Seona. It’s who I am, after all. You’ll still see the Ms 50 Plus title in places because it’s the domain name of my blog, and it’s the name of my Youtube Channel. This move has to do with authenticity and vulnerability; Here’s the raw video …

How to make a life-changing decision

SO you have a choice of two different paths / opportunities and can’t decide which is right for you?

Other than using meditation, intuition and common sense in the process, there is another method I turn to if I feel really stuck.

For each of the opportunities / alternatives in turn, imagine the worst possible scenario should it fail or go bad.

Ask yourself; Can I / am I willing to put up with this worst case scenario?

If the answer is no, then don’t go there.

Examine the other options in the same light.

Continue the process until you have a “winner”.

If the “winner” resonates with your intuitive self once found, this might be your path ❤︎