Day 1

500 days

A home of my own

How did this 500 day personal challenge come about?

Blame Gary Vaynerchuck for one, though he’s not the only catalyst that inspired me to launch this challenge … there have been many others who inspired me to act over the years.

Ultimately though, in time, the biggest inspirer of action has to be oneself, and that’s what happened here.

It’s time.

I’ve been “starting over” for such a long time now, and although some aspects of my life post-DV and other trauma have stabilised and are heaps better than they were in the “before” phase, there is one aspect that is just not coming together – accommodation.

I’ve been living at the mercy of family and friends for far too long … years …sharing houses with strangers, living a peripatetic lifestyle that, well, breaks my heart.

If home is truly where the heart is … where is mine?

So the challenge I have set myself is …

500 days from now I will have my own home.

Not a shared house, not a rental house, not a house-sit … MY OWN HOME.

How will I do that? It doesn’t seem possible right now, given my (abysmal) financial situation and complicated personal situation (more on each of these as we move forward through the challenge).


I have no idea, but that I am putting it out there to the Universe.

Ha ha ha, I hear you say. That’s not going to make a blind bit of difference. And you’re right – it’s not.

Not without the second part of the picture – action from me.

BIG action. CONSISTENT action. PERSISTENT action. Most importantly, GUIDED action (more on guidance later).

See, you can “put it out there” all you like.

But not a damn thing is going to happen until you get off your ass and follow the instructions that you’re given as a result of the request that you are making to your maker (whatever you see that as being).

We know this. We all know this. I know this.

Or do I?

Do you know this?

The reason I ask is – if we know it, why are we not all jumping and agitating to get what is is we want?

And I don’t mean sitting on the couch wingeing about what it is that’s missing in your life.

Or pretending to ourselves that we’re right in there doing the hard graft. Pretending. To ourselves.

I mean taking action.

Maybe it has something to do with inertia, or as Steven Pressfield calls it, Resistance. Read the book, by the way.

And keep reading it for the rest of your life … if you’re like me and forget what you’ve read once you’ve read it.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t really matter who you relate to as a mentor, coach, inspirer of the masses or accidental astronaut in the field of self-development; there has to come a time when you turn to yourself as being the number one guru and inspiration in your own life.

My time is now.

Every day, for 500 days, from today.

I will be Just Doing It to get what it is that I really want … A home of my own.

Love and Best to you