Day 3

Getting things done: making extra time

How could you use an extra 3 hours a day?

What if you could have an extra three hours in your day to achieve your goals and dreams!

Well it’s happened to me – and the person doing the gifting is … me!

Here’s how I do it …

When I started this 500 day project I committed to getting up at four in the morning so that I would have a few hours in which to do creative work before going to my paid job.

That might sound truly horrific – it did to me – but it’s really not, believe me!

I am not naturally a “morning person” and the idea of this was horrific.

BUT – it’s only three days in, and so far I am sticking with it (give or take a half hour!) and the result is worth sharing.

Of course I have to go to bed earlier in the evening, but I have not found evenings to be a particularly productive time of the day for me anyway.

Between organising dinner, sharing work stories, trying to wind down after my paid work and fit in my own creative work, evenings can be stressful. I tend to stretch myself too thin and worry about what I “should” be doing to keep my business dream alive.

Getting up three hours earlier in the morning is easy to do if you adjust your bed time accordingly.

Believe me – if I can do it as the world’s biggest bed bug, you can too.

Here are the advantages that I have found so far;

  • It’s a quiet time and so it’s easier to focus on creative work.
  • It sets the tone for the rest of the day – calm, reflective, productive.
  • It’s a defined and finite time, so I treat it with respect and push myself to get stuff done.
  • When I come home from work I have already achieved my personal goals for the day and can relax!

What commitment are you prepared to make to yourself that will move you onto the path towards the new life you want, or to something you want to change or to have?

The truth is – we have to work for it. There are no “secret” easy answers. No magic manifestation.

You put it out there to the Universe, let it go, then work your ass off to bring it to life – the Universe has your back, because you touched base there first!

The key to all this is in the absolute commitment that you make in that initial decision to move forward – in my case to have my own home at the end of the 500 days.

And when the new disciplined lifestyle seems painful, reconnect to the burning passion behind that decision you made, and use that fire to move on.

Another great tip I love is from Mel Robbins. Her work on the “5 second rule” has been really helpful to me in getting things done in the moment that I think of them.

In a nutshell, counting backwards from five to one makes the brain wake up and assists in initiating action in the moment.

Google Mel to learn about her 5 second rule or listen to her emotional recollection of her life “before” here.

Think about it.

Find your time.

Start with just one hour.

Comment below if you have any words of wisdom on finding time to change your life.

Love and Best to you