I LOVE this platform.

If you want to teach online, use KAJABI. It’s AWSOME, especially the customer service 🙏🏼 They’re really cool, down to earth and  can’t do enough for you. You can even try it free for a month so you get to see what it can do. Click the pic to find out more ❤︎

My Gift to You for Christmas: Free Online Course on How to Tell your Story

Photo by Hannah Byrnand

So I officially launched my online teaching program yesterday. The launch course is called “Change your Life: Tell your Story”, and is the prelude to the main course, “My Life as a Story” which comes out in February next year.

“My Life as a Story” is a three-course package; Writing Memoir, Blogging and Social Media for women 50+

Cross the bridge to a life of legacy & creative expression and take this free course!

If you want to express yourself creatively, do some deep thinking about your life and leave a legacy all at the same time then this series of courses could be what you’re looking for. You can take one course or two or all three (for a healthy discount) but the main thing to know is that the thing that sets theses course apart from most other online course is the personal interaction and support from the course creator ~ Me!

You can access the free Launch Course by signing up to this blog ~ “Follow Seona” ~ or if you have already subscribed to the blog you can go directly here to get your course. Happy learning, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year ❤︎

Ritual is the rudder …

Your morning ritual is the rudder of your day. What you do in that first hour sets the tone and decides the direction that the rest of the day will take.

Yes, you can change the tone and the direction if you don’t like what’s unfolding for you; but in the midst of the madness it’s not likely that you’ll remember it’s possible to change your experience in the moment.

Try using a mnemonic to help you establish a productive daily ritual. For example I use the letter “P” in mine. I get up, Pee, take my Pill, do my two minute Plank, Pray (meditate), write 10 Pages of words and Plan my Productivity for the rest of the day.

Don’t rely on will power to get you through. Build deliberate habits; habits are habit-forming!! ❤︎ Sx


Truth is not in the eye of the beholder. There are facts that don’t change if the observer doesn’t believe.

Seth Godin