Redesigning Life after 50

5 facts to keep you focussed

Are you over 50 and in the position of having to start your life over after a loss, change or adversity? Are you struggling with the concept of reinventing yourself and your life?

Change through choice is one thing, but finding yourself in the position of having to change at an age when you expected to be settled, comfortably well off and cruising happily along can be very traumatic.

No one can know the best path for you but yourself. Friends can give you advice, but it’s just that – advice.

Only you know what has to be done, but it is very difficult to remain connected with your core, to feel your intuition speak, when you are highly stressed.

Staying connected to core is a whole other blog post, but for now here are five facts that might help you stay focussed on that new life ahead.

1. Fifty is not the start of old age.

2. You can look healthier now than you did 10 years ago.

3. You can become a different person.

4. You don’t need money to do it

5. Your story will help another woman do it too

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Love and Best,

Seona ❤︎

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