Day 13

Make a written plan to increase chances of success

It’s day 13 and I realise that I have no precise written plan regarding how I am going to have a home of my own by the end of the 500 days.

I have a mental one of course – work hard and save hard and be alert for opportunities.

But without a written plan the scheme is doomed to failure.

So tomorrow, after I go walking in the forest, I shall make one. And if the internet is available I shall share a rough draft with you in the hope that it might be helpful.

Internet has been very patchy here ~ I’m in Mapleton, Sunshine Coast, for a couple of nights ~ so no guarantees.

Meantime, travel and lack of sleep have caught up so I am reluctantly allowing myself to rest ❤︎

Day 12

How often do you decline an invitation because you know no one else who is going, or feel less than confident that your presence will be appreciated, or you choose “default mode” and watch your fave TV trash instead?

Today I had a magical day of twilight zone-ish ups and down, changes in direction, unexpected opportunities, unexpected friendships made and positive lessons learned about the amazing human race that I am part of.

All because I chose to be proactive and hold two business meetings (my own business), accept an unexpected offer, and attend an evening event that challenged my comfort zone.

Gratitude ❤︎



Day 11

Gravity may choose to leave?

“Your attitude determines your direction” (Megan again, Instagram).

This just seems so obvious.

And yet I see today that some are starting to question this basic principle, apparently because they’re “sick of hearing about it”.

I’m sick of hearing about gravity – but gravity doesn’t care. It ain’t gonna shift just cos I want something different for a change.

Or is it?

We’ll see ….

Day 10


“Wherever you go, there you are”. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn.

This may seem obvious, but it’s not so obvious to many.

You cannot escape the situation you are in by running away from it.

This is a debate I have with myself regularly (the overthinking thing again).

I think my desire to branch out, establish my own life and business and purchase my own home are symptoms of running away, and that I will simply find myself and all of my perpetual problems wherever I go.

That is fear talking. Not sense, not reality, not courage. That is fear talking.

Leave, Seona. Embrace the voices in the wind that whisper their goodbyes to the place in the world that ties you up with lies and threats and fear and pain.

Just leave.



Day 9

Criticism is a non-event

“Criticism is nothing more than an observation by another person about us, our actions, or the way we think about something, that doesn’t match the vision we have of ourselves”. ~ Richard Carlson.

Thanks again to Megan Sweetlove for this one.

It really hit a raw spot this morning as I contemplated a Facebook message that I got from a relative with respect to my current domestic situation and my desire to escape it.

She was gracious enough to say that it was NOT a criticism, but the reality that she was speaking from – the reality that I “live close to the edge” and am incapable of taking advice.

I don’t think that’s the truth – though I do live close to the edge, whether from choice or not is another story – but I will always at least contemplate what others think may be good reasoning.

One caveat – I always remember that others are more likely to attempt to bring you to their interpretation of reality and what can be achieved in life, not mine.

And the more time I spend with people who are inclined to reign me in, the sooner I am likely to leave.

Day 7

Count to 10

Some days all you can do is breath and count to 10

This was inspired by the fact that I committed to a 500-day plan, blogging every day, and a couple of days after that commitment the internet went down and stayed down.

This is the normal way of things in life.

The danger is that we get too used to using these events as excuses for not succeeding in our plan.

I had to call Telstra and discuss the problem of the internet disappearing. I knew from past experience that I’d be on the phone for at least an hour.

It took two (hours) as it turned out. And the problem couldn’t be fixed.

Some days you just have to breath and count to 10.


Day 6

There’s no such thing as time

This quote this morning on the Insta feed of one of my favourite family lawyers, Megan Sweetlove… “You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending” ~ C. S. Lewis.

Thanks Megan for reminding me about this quote. It is true and practical.

Every minute of every day we have a chance to start over – to keep going, to do better, to help another, to help ourselves.

Being on a 500 day schedule to realise a dream makes every day more precious.

As we grow older the reality that there is no time – only the moment that we are currently inhabiting, starts to become real and clear and relatable.

I have 500 days (less 6) but really, I have no time at all.

I am learning to live in an entirely different dimension.



Day 5

In a dark place looking out

“What’s the point in being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

This resonated today because of my accommodation situation. It’s really not a healthy one and is the result of having nowhere else to go last July when the owners of the shared house I was in made a sudden decision to sell.

I came West out of necessity, not because I was hankering for desert time (which sometimes I do … there’s nothing like it to initiate feelings of confrontation with self).

Four and a half months in and I can feel the pull of the local community. Friends, work, shared experiences.

But it’s not my home.

I could settle – and by that I mean “settle”, not settle if you get my drift – but this won’t do for someone like myself who lives “close to the edge” as a wise relative pointed out this week.