TINS (Time in Nature Sundays)

st_helens_beach_picI shared my goal chart on the first “My Life as a Story” webinar and that sharing had a powerful result.

In the first module of the course I’m teaching the value of making a public declaration about your decision to “do” — that is, your decision to go ahead and strive for the goal that you have set for yourself.

Your declaration needn’t be “public” as such, but it should be made to someone who will hold you accountable for what you want to achieve.

In my case, making the declaration to the course participants on the webinar means that the course participants now get to hold me accountable in relation to my goal chart; and on that chart was a promise to take time in nature at least weekly (to “Recharge”).

So today (Sunday) I had the house to myself and I had done all the tasks that had to be done. The heat outside was blistering so I was curled on the couch with the curtains drawn to keep cool, remote in hand and Netflix on the big screen.

But as the time ticked by, the thought of the promise I had made to myself and my course participants gradually grew stronger than the excuse that it was too hot to go anywhere. I tell you what — it was touch and go getting my eyes off the screen and my ass off that seat. If I hadn’t made a public declaration of my intention, I don’t know if I would have succeeded.

And if I hadn’t packed my little bag and walked out the door I wouldn’t have found St Helens Beach (by accident!), witnessed the emergence of millions of tiny mangrove seedlings at the waters edge or met a friendly one-eared dog called “Wolf”. Bonus!

Here’s to the power of the public declaration! “Doing it” feels great and adds another notch to your goal belt!

Thank you for holding me accountable!