Do you do social media? Keep your follower numbers manageable

The more followers you have the more difficult it is to maintain engagement with your audience and be of real value to them.

It’s hard to get away from the old mindset that numbers on social media equate to success on social media but it’s just not true.

The top strategists are now actively seeking “Micro-Influencers” to collaborate with – these are people whose following is small but whose engagement rate is high.

Be a micro-influencer. Keep your numbers lower and your engagement rate higher. It’s all about your audience

I LOVE this platform.

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Tips for creating content that people care about ❤︎

Creating remarkable content and sustaining peoples’ interest in your blog means creating something that they genuinely care about. What do people care about? They want to see that you are just like them. They want to get to know you, to trust you and to like you. We all know this as online communicators, but how do we achieve it? There are lots of different ways to demonstrate empathy with your tribe. Here are three that they will appreciate;

  1. Tell them about a major stuff-up that you perpetrated recently. Don’t gloss over it so that you don’t look as much of a fool as you felt at the time. Communicate the feeling of failure. Share it. Show it. Let them relate to it. They will herald you as a hero for having the courage to admit what you did.
  2. We all have flaws that we try to hide. Try highlighting them instead. People will be gob-smacked at your audacity. They’ll love you for it.
  3. Having trouble conquering a fear? Share it. Be vulnerable. The world desperately needs vulnerability. Vulnerability is raw courage. I am fearful that my online work will go unnoticed for the rest of time. I have taken a full year out of a law degree to achieve a strong online presence and write a book. I’m scared it will flop and people (my relatives and friends) will secretly laugh at me and I will have wasted a precious year of my life. I’m doing it anyway – so are you. Show them.
  4. Make a list of the above and add to it. Add things that people care about. Write the list on a card. Carry it with you in your “writing” satchel with your laptop. Every time you put something online, consult the list to see if you have fulfilled one of your benchmarks for work that people care about — work that is remarkable ❤︎

How to make a life-changing decision

SO you have a choice of two different paths / opportunities and can’t decide which is right for you?

Other than using meditation, intuition and common sense in the process, there is another method I turn to if I feel really stuck.

For each of the opportunities / alternatives in turn, imagine the worst possible scenario should it fail or go bad.

Ask yourself; Can I / am I willing to put up with this worst case scenario?

If the answer is no, then don’t go there.

Examine the other options in the same light.

Continue the process until you have a “winner”.

If the “winner” resonates with your intuitive self once found, this might be your path ❤︎

Weight Loss Tip

Use a 50/50 mix of cayenne and turmeric on a lunch-time salad every day for two months (a generous pinch will do it) along with increasing your water consumption and a daily vigorous walk. I lost 10KG in eight weeks this way; menopausal weight I thought I’d never lose ❤︎