Picture Your Story

My_BusWhy did I choose to feature the interior of a motorhome as the header picture of my blog? Because it’s part of my story, and this blog is about stories; yours and mine.

Your story matters. Picture it.

My picture invokes a dream I have; to own a motorhome and travel around Australia, holding workshops for women who need assistance with getting through adversity and telling their stories. As a solicitor I’ll be in a unique position to offer practical advice. That qualification, combined with my professional health, coaching and creative qualifications will, I hope, result in a unique package that has the potential to contribute great value to those who attend.

This is all in the future of course –  I’m only half way through my Bachelor of Laws – but it’s still a part of my story because I live it in my daily life; visualising, relishing the details in my mind, feeling the emotions – excitement, fulfilment, adventure, connection –  asking questions; how will the experience benefit those who attend my workshops? How will I do it? What will be my strengths?

The picture of the bus is the hook. It’s a vibrant visual connection to these future experiences. It keeps the dream alive in my mind, pulls me forward to the experience that I am manifesting for myself, brings my story to life.

Do you have a picture that pulls you towards your story?

Go to Pinterest, use the search box to search themes, see what resonates with you and where it leads your imagination. Save the picture. Make sure you see it every day.

Picture your story …

Have fun!